Sketchbook Skool

Product Launch, Marketing Ops
  • Industry: E-Learning 
  • Platform: Content
  • Phase: Scale

I started working with Sketchbook Skool when they were at a pivot point: they had a successful business creating and selling art courses, but they were stuck in a constant launch cycle. We created and launched a recurring revenue membership product.

The Go-To Brand for Emerging Artists

To realize their mission of reintroducing adults to their child-like creativity, they needed a closer relationship with their customers: not just one-off purchases. 

In our initial project, we scoped out, clarified, and created an identity for a membership program. Called Spark, it would utilize their existing course assets and introduce new live events and content that help new artists reach their creative goals.

“In a single month, Rachel absolutely transformed our five-year old company. She told us exactly what we would do together, then week after week, led us through an incredible list of to-dos. She decluttered our processes, distilled and clarified our message, and built us a roadmap for success.” Danny Gregory, Founder & CEO of Sketchbook Skool

Over the span of one year, I worked with the Sketchbook Skool management team to redesign and relaunch their website, reposition their brand, launch Spark, and hire growth and content teams to scale. The company transformed from a content producer to an identifiable brand for adult art courses, partnering with legacy suppliers like BLICK and Winsor Newton.

“Rachel is brilliant, super-organized, and made our problems her own to solve. She won our trust immediately and we look forward to continuing to work with her as much as possible. She’s amazing!”

I continue to work with the Sketchbook Skool team. 

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