Brand Strategy, Naming
  • Industry: Ecommerce
  • Platform: Physical Product
  • Phase: Pre-Launch

Founder Caitlin Royal came to me with a unique challenge: develop an ownable and feminine identity for a motor-less pleasure toy.

The Luxury of Slowing Down

I worked with the founding team to create an identity for their company and product before launch. The topic of sextech was losing it’s taboo and the competition was fierce, but products and brands were starting to sound the same. They were about intensity, but Caitlin was building something different.

We started our work together with qualitative customer research, building out the customer persona that would guide our positioning. With a deep understanding of the market’s evolution from novelty to self-empowerment, created an ownable vision and message: we believe feelings matter, and there is power in slowing down.

“Rachel provided much needed focus and direction. The naming and brand strategy process was very collaborative, Rachel made me feel supported and considered in every decision we made. She helped my vision come to life!” - Caitlin Royal, Founder

I developed the company name as a derivative of the Italian word for skin, and the name of their flagship product Whim. Both elicit the simple luxury of slowing down, and the tagline drives home a sense of personal identity: Feel Pelle, feel yourself.

“Working with Rachel was the best decision I made while launching my business.”

Pelle has launched and is now available at

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