Brand Strategy, Naming
  • Industry: Finance 
  • Platform: B2B SaaS
  • Phase: Pre-Launch

Leveraging her deep industry expertise, founder Jeanne Hardy was in the late stages of building a platform that would advance the work of financial pros. She came to me to clarify its brand identity and narrow the search for the perfect name.

A New Future of Work for Financial Teams

I had worked with Jeanne, founder of Creative Business Inc., on a few projects, but she came to me with something new: a B2B SaaS platform for finance teams and accounting firms.

She had her UX and dev team in place, but there was just one problem: it didn’t have a name.

To enter the crowded world of digital workspace tools, she needed an identity that resonated with customers, making a behind the scenes profession the hero of this story.

“Rachel joined our team just in time, and transformed how we talk about the platform! She quickly understood the value of what we’re building and the complexity of our market, helping us build a strong brand identity that will grow as we do.” Jeanne Hardy, Founder & CEO

We started with a customer discovery process, understanding the market for bookkeepers, accountants and financial teams. 80% of the industry is women-led, and they have a deep fear of being left behind as the industry moves online. But data doesn’t make decisions, people do.

With that knowledge, we identified the company’s mission, vision, and values, then got to work identifying potential brand names that empowered finance teams to move forward.

Levvy was chosen as the name to take the product to market: highlighting the company’s mission to elevate the industry and give financial operators leverage to do higher level work.

The company is launching in 2021.

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