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Your Brand is Your DNA

Great founders know that technology is incredibly important for a better tomorrow, but it's the experience — the human connection — that creates long-lasting change.

Your brand is not one thing, and it’s definitely not just a logo. It’s a point of view and a series of consistent decisions that bolster your positioning, enabling you to experiment despite market forces. A great brand is a necessity to launch with confidence and drive growth.

Founder & Brand Strategist, Rachel Charlesworth

Partners in Product & Marketing

Hi there, I’m Rachel. I’ve spent the last decade working with startups and entrepreneurs to build their brands, refine their products, and launch with confidence.

Bringing a product to market is harder than ever and requires true partnership, not just an agency relationship. Let’s work together to craft your brand story and find your unique path to launch.

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Great Brands Get Funded Faster

Craft your story, connect with customers & drive growth

Charlesworth, Brand

Brand Strategy

The foundation of what you do and who you are. Your brand strategy enables you to speak beyond pure product features. 

Charlesworth, Product

Product Marketing

Effectively define and test your value hypothesis. Translate your unique product features into tangible customer benefits.

Charlesworth, Startup Launch

Launch Execution

Full-scale launch strategy and execution - whether your team is introducing a new product, updated features, or a pivot.

Brands I’ve Worked With

In a single month, Rachel absolutely transformed our five-year-old company. She told us exactly what we would do together, then week after week led us through an incredible list of to-dos. She decluttered our processes, distilled and clarified our message, and built us a roadmap for success. Rachel is brilliant, super-organized, and made our problems her own to solve. She won our trust immediately and we look forward to continuing to work with her as much as possible. She’s amazing!
— Danny Gregory, Best selling author & CEO, Sketchbook Skool
Rachel has been instrumental in our marketing efforts, shaping many ideas alongside our team. She quickly connected with our technology and launched tests to understand our target market, build a pre-launch waitlist, and prioritize product features. Her work has given us a concrete understanding of the marketing opportunity ahead and priorities to grow our customer base.
— Rocky Motwani, Co-Founder of Jiko

How We Can Work Together


Identity Matters More Than Ever

Brand-led companies have an identity that stands for something. They play the long game to win hearts and minds while remaining flexible as products evolve.

In almost every industry in 2019, customers have endless choices. A strong brand aligns your customers with your mission and lowers your marketing costs.


Let’s Partner to Launch with Confidence

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